The Perfect Relationship

I have a perfect marriage and truth is, I’d bet you do too, depending on how you look at it. The thing is, real relationships are not always easy. Actually, that’s probably a gross understatement….they[…]

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This Body

This body has carried me through 42 years. This body has climbed mountains, ran miles, and finished so many workouts the count was lost decades ago. It boxes, bikes, snowboards, wakeboards, dances and cheers. This[…]

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How do I let go?

I used to ask this daily of myself, my friends….anyone who may have an answer. Everyone tells me, “you need to let go”….like it’s easy, like you make a decision and then you just do[…]

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The Big News

How does one choose a photo to sufficiently express and represent wicked awesome exciting news? I am so happy. I feel joy. I can’t help but feel so much gratitude. I feel so thankful for[…]

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ORA | Home

Self Reflections

Do you look at yourself in the mirror?  I don’t mean the, “hey there good looking, you are good enough, strong enough, and gosh darn it people like you” kind of looking.  I mean the[…]

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Authentic Life | Site Launch

My Authentic Life

This is a moment that I believe has been in creation for years without me even realizing it.  This new business is truly my heart and my soul and I whole heartedly welcome you to[…]

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ORA | Acceptance-and-Letting-Go

Acceptance and Letting Go

I was coached by my brilliant mentor and friend last week and we ended up on a topic that has challenged me consistently over the past nine months. A topic I have discussed frequently with[…]

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What does grief mean to you? I always thought of grief as this horrible experience where a person wouldn’t be functional, they would be in a constant state of tears and complete sadness. It might[…]

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ORA | Courage Compassion Love

Courage, Compassion, Love

Courage, Compassion, Love Find the courage to be brave. To leap when it’s scary and trust you will find your way. Have the courage the admit your wrongs and your mistakes. Have the courage to[…]

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