Courage, Compassion, Love

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Courage, Compassion, Love

Find the courage to be brave. To leap when it’s scary and trust you will find your way. Have the courage the admit your wrongs and your mistakes. Have the courage to apologize. Acknowledging your mistakes and regrets to those you have hurt is, in my opinion, one of the most brave acts of self reflection. Having this level of self awareness is not the act of a coward, it is entirely courageous. This type of self awareness and courage gets easier with practice and also with witnessing the transformations that follow.

Those you show this vulnerability with will soften before your eyes, and they will often exhale with gratitude. We are all meant to be forgiving creatures, as we have all made mistakes. Honest apologies and reflections cause a chain reaction of self awareness and often reciprocal apologies and new levels of mutual understanding and gratitude. It allows for peace, it fosters growth, and it most definitely leads to compassion. Compassion for another and for a situation. Have courage, find compassion in this process, and experience greater love in your life. Isn’t that why we are all here?

To LOVE ❤️

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