I had approximately 12 hours of coaching with Jaime and found it very helpful, especially within the realms of my marriage. Although it was only myself that was taking part in the coaching sessions, my husband was open and receptive to all that I was learning and sharing with him. I never went into the sessions with a major problem that needed fixing, however, for me it was more of a set time each week devoted to learning how I could help make my relationship with my husband stronger, resulting in a deeper and more harmonious energy between the two of us. Jaime has a wealth of valuable information and strategies that I know I will carry with me now for a lifetime. I’m so grateful for my 12 sessions with Jaime. I definitely miss having that time devoted each week to learning ways to strengthen my marriage.

Jessica Gray

Coaching with Jaime has been a really positive experience. Going into it, I wasn’t too sure about what coaching was and she was very welcoming into the experience. We work through everything from relationship issues, career questions, and values in our sessions and each time I feel as though I come out with new clarity. Over time I’ve noticed an increase in my mindfulness and ability to be present – something that helps many areas of my life. My anxiety has decreased and the overall experience is truly beneficial to my wellbeing. I really appreciate that coaching is ‘forward thinking’, so it helps set goals for the future and figure out how to address upcoming challenges. She’s an absolute light to work with and I appreciate her perspective, ability to ask insightful questions, and way of being. Jaime is a fantastic coach; I can’t recommend her enough.

Marissa P.