The Big News

How does one choose a photo to sufficiently express and represent wicked awesome exciting news? I am so happy. I feel joy. I can’t help but feel so much gratitude. I feel so thankful for every moment of happiness and peace, grateful for the calm and also for the crazy laughter. I come from a time where I have felt so much sadness and confusion, and it is these times that remind us so vividly of how fortunate we are when we see the light.

I am also entirely human and very aware of the reality that a vulnerable life lends itself to criticism and judgement. This is my work…to live an honest, genuine life with my whole heart while trying to worry less of what others may think. I know who I am and I know that I have had made many choices, and some have been made for me, that others will never understand. The thing is, that’s not for me to concern myself with. Those who truly love me and have my best interest at heart, will trust that I make choices from a place of love and good intentions. They will also be brave enough to communicate with me, to ask the questions that need asking, to bring forth a truer, more whole understanding.

All of that aside, I return to my original sentiment. I feel happy. I am so excited for today and all the days ahead as I know how wonderful they will be. I won’t take a second of this life for granted. I am beyond lucky in so many ways, this doesn’t go unnoticed. 

I have also been blessed to have an angel arrive in my life with serendipitous timing. He came to support and offer comfort, and he hasn’t faltered in standing by my side as I have struggled, grown, learned, and healed. He has such a genuinely loving, gentle soul. I feel beyond blessed. He is both my teacher and my perfect match. Thank you Justin for being by my side….for life. It is with the hugest smile on my face that I can proudly say that we will be together forever. We shall laugh, sing, dance, talk, eat, drink, adventure, learn, grow and be so stupid happy for many years to come! I said YES and I can’t wait for this next adventure.

(Originally written in March of 2019)

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